Weight Loss

An Ayurvedic Way To Weight Loss

The sedentary lifestyles of today lead us down the path of a variety of diseases, especially obesity. Trust our Ayurveda, yoga and natural therapies to find lasting cures to weight gain. Our expert therapists, dieticians, yoga trainers and doctors conduct in-depth consultations to find the root cause of your weight gain – an assessment is made clinically on the basis of health conditions, associated disorders, body constitution, metabolism, hereditary factors, age, stress and other lifestyle indications.

There can be any one or many reasons behind these annoying extra pounds on the scale like:

  • Inadequate Sleep/Stress
  • Wrong Eating Habits
  • Predominantelysedentary Life Style
  • Hormonal Imbalance
  • Digestive Issues

Often times, in a hustle to attain that ideal weight some follow an exhausting workout schedule while others take the risk of undergoing abdominal apronectomy or liposuction. Some even try weight loss pills. Agreed that all these methods are quite fast but at the same time cause irreversible side effects which further worsen the situation, since these methods never eliminate the cause. What happens ist hat only the symptoms are masked.

The Ayurvedic way on the other hand focuses on the eradication of the cause, the symptoms disappear themselves. You must have heard “Slow and steady wins the race.” Same goes with Ayurveda. The natural and traditional methods of Ayurveda are gradual but safe, time-tested and effective in the long run.

At Vedic wellness we have various customized and comprehensive slimming programs to suit the individual requirements. We follow a scientific and natural approach focusing on the root cause of weight gain instead of prescribing medicines for quick outcome.

Ayurveda`s holistic approach to Weight loss further saves you from being a host to other health issues like Infertility,  Diabetes, Arthritis and Heart disease. If your underlying cause of overweight is hypothyroidism, PCOD, diabetes, hormonal imbalances, metabolic disturbances, or something similar, we customise your weight loss treatments of course specifically and with great care.

In a nutshell, Ayurveda emphasizes on “Prevention is better than cure.” With Ayurveda in your life you will always be healthy, happy and safe.

The weight loss program is a blend of Ayurveda, yoga and naturopathy therapies. Starting with a doctor’s consultation, a Nadi pareeksha (pulse diagnosis) and a prakruthi analysis – where your body constitution type is assessed – the treatment comprises the following:

  • Panchkarma – Cleansing with detox
  • Ayurveda slimming herbal massage therapies
  • Yoga for weight loss
  • Naturopathy therapies
  • Meditation and Breathing
  • Customised weight loss diet, including juices and herbal decoctions
Do you want to lose weight in 7 days?

In addition to this, an ideal weight is attained by correcting eating habits and lifestyle along with a constant support and motivation from the team.

To create optimal body-mind balance, we offer the following weight management packages:

7 Days

Benefits: Removes retention of fluids and toxins, corrects Gastrointestinal tract, reduces belly fat, eliminates insomnia, boosts confidence, absolute relaxation of mind & body

14 Days

Benefits: Releases joint pain, reduces fat and increases metabolic rate, eliminates, balances doshas, calms the mind, removes retention of fluids and toxins, corrects Gastrointestinal tract

21 Days

Benefits: Corrects hormonal imbalances and calms the mind, prevents and controls diabetes removes retention of fluids and cleanses toxins, maintains weight for long term, prevents and controls obesity, corrects Gastrointestinal tract, re-sets the biological clock