Personalized Herbs


Personalized Herbs


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Vedic consultation based upon A Treat-The-Cause-Not-Just-Symptoms Holistic approach during diagnosis and therapy typically begins with a lengthy patient interview focusing on pulse diagnosis, lifestyle, beliefs, medical history, emotional tone and physical features – as well as physical examination.

Duration: Duration: Duration: 7 days/ 10 days/ 14 days/ 21 days: customized price

Your Frequently Asked Questions

Introduction to Personalized Herbs

Our Health experts at Vedic Healing center looks at identifying and fixing the inner balance which determines how healthy you are focusing on root causes beyond symptoms, tailored specifically to the individual bodytypes according to the complex principles of the herbs.

How It Works?

Step 1
Pluse Diagnosis to identify Dosha – body type & its root imbalances

Step 2
Comprehensive questions on Metabolism and lifestyle history

Step 3
Food/ nutrition assessment

Step 4
Get personalised food and herb recommendation for your health

Step 5
We build your personalised supplement and shipped to your doorstep

Step 6
Track your progress every month and observe the positive changes

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