Dosha & Lifestyle Consultations

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Dosha & Lifestyle Consultations

Package Detail/ Include:

  • Pulse Diagnose analysis
  • Doshic assessment through questions and physical exam
  • Comprehensive questions on lifestyle & Habitual daily practices.
  • Food/nutrition assessment
  • Tongue, Nail, skin and hair analysis
  • Blood pressure

Duration: – 60 minutes: 1.000.000 VND

Your Frequently Asked Questions

Introduction to Dosha & Lifestyle Consultations

Dosha & Lifestyle Consultation is about better understanding your body, mind & spirit . Dosha means the forces that determine your constitution or Body- Mind Type. This force regulates growth, aging , health & disease in the body, by understanding individual habits , emotional responses, body type , characteristics equalities you can adapt most suitable just the Right way of healthy Living that balance your body, Mind & Spirit based on your body type.

Ayurvedic Lifestyle is about living with nature’s intelligence to achieve optimum energy that keeps your Body, Mind & Spirit Balanced.

What is the main cause and early symptoms?

  • Your health is too fluctuating – anytime high energy anytime low.
  • Diffficult to focus on work
  • Feel tired, fatigue, stiff, low energy, anxiety, restless
  • Heartburn, acid relux, anger, rage, tension headaches, inflammation.
  • Constipation, anything colon-related, muscular pain, dryness, brittle bones
  • Poor circulation, racing mind, sadness, depression, overwhelm
  • Sensitivity to heat & light, dizziness, irritability, crankiness

Who needs this service?

Dosha & Lifestyle Consultations is for you if:

If you want to heal your body, fuel your energy and LOVE your life!

You desire a higher level in health & life, but you haven’t reached your potentialyet. You see it, believe it and you’re excited to achieve it!

You have the utmost belief that with discipline, a simple framework, and anexpert Health coach, you will thrive.

With full awareness and discipline, you are ready to practice new habits for thesake of thriving in your mind, body, and spirit.

You are willing to embrace a multi-approach to healing, including food,mindfulness, exercise, sleep, breathwork and more.

Dosha & Lifestyle Consultations is not for you if:

You are looking for quick fix solutions.

You are unwilling to change your daily habits.

You are not ready to invest in yourself.

What are the benefits?

Dosha & Lifestyle Consultations Will help you:

+ Attain and sustain better energy, daily.
+ Clear confusion on what foods are best for you.
+ Unravel and heal health issues (*Some imbalances take longer than others).
+ Build a lifestyle to support strong immunity and vitality.
+ Feel and exude more positive emotions.

+ Reduce and dissolve stress.
+ Gain stamina, courage, and clarity to achieve your big goals.
+ Discover and work toward your life purpose.
+ Bring compassion and understanding in your relationships.

Better life with Ayurvedic lifestyle.

How do Vedic Healing diagnose these symptoms?

Ayurvedic diagnosis is made by:

Pulse Diagnose analysis

Doshic assessment through questions and physical exam

Comprehensive questions on lifestyle & Habitual daily practices.

Food/nutrition assessment

Tongue, Nail, skin and hair analysis

Blood pressure


For all packages, Massages & Personalised herbs are extra, based on recommendation but are very affordable and optional.

The components contained in your plan (may not all be included at once):

The results of your dosha percentages – your natural and altered state of balance
Results of your unique body constitution
Initial focus on cleansing, digestion or weight loss (or all 3)
Thoughts on your current patterns that forth bring balance
Current diet & lifestyle patterns that may be in relation to your digestive and/oremotional symptoms and why.
A breakdown of which imbalances may be present, causing your symptoms
Individualized nutritional plan, created based on your unique body constitutionand lifestyle recommendations.
Individualized diet, nutritional & hydration plan:
Which foods to favor / avoid
The 6 tastes of you
Which foods may be raw vs. Cooked
Daily water intake needs
Suggestions on daily routines & time management
Recommendations on physical exercise & motivation
Suggestions on correcting sleep patterns
Thoughts on current lifestyle patterns
Techniques for relieving stress
Suggestions on other various healing modalities like yoga, meditation, positiveaffirmations, etc.
A personalized, herbal remedy (if needed) and detailed report on any herbs (andactions) included in the formula.

** Please note:

Due to the amount of change that take place in health, symptoms, lifestyle and seasonal climate
The 1stconsultion included the ‘finding balance’ package. After these time-frames, the included Consultation Expire and a new follow up consultation visit is required.

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