Founder & CEO at
Vedic Healing Center

II have spent years in studying & Experiencing the way to a happy and healthy life. I have travelled many countries and spent thousands of dollars finding a solution. I want to share this with you, so you also can have a deserving life truly worth living.

I am a Naturopath & Yoga Therapist; I & my family living the life we always wanted. I have experniced daily health challenges while working, relationships, traveling, changing weather & places. While studying & experiencing I have found way to keep my energy balanced naturally & always ready to participate enthusiastically in every aspect of my life.

i am being consulted so many health professionals applied multiple approaches but I haven’t found How to stop dependency upon medicines, all are chemical based & short term results, with various side effects to my body & mind, honestly I don’t have any idea what to do & how to overcome from this.

My parents had no idea as the doctor who diagnosed me could not tell us how to manage my health with so many complications. Due to Ignorance, I am keep living & eating same way as earlier, then day by day I am losing my inner strength and getting weaker.

I was scared. I wondered how this would affect my life. Would I still be able to be active in my life or would I remain a sick person on the sidelines feeling isolated from the world, stuck inside, not participating in the things that I loved. I wondered if I would miss out having all the things I dream of before I got sick.

I have felt alone, isolated from the world and my friends. I have had taken countless medications. I even nearly died with the deadly pain & stiffness in whole body, bloating , when it stopped my life activities & I had to stay in bed all the time. I have not been able to do the things that I wanted to do. I have sat on the sidelines and watched others have fun, seeing my self-confidence slowly fade away.

Since I found Natural therapies , Ayurveda & Yoga my life completely transformed, it just like I am blessed with Pure Energy Transformation , all my health issues starts disappeared by changing the way of living, Diet & Nutrition, regular Ayurveda Herbal Massages, Yoga , Breath work, & Meditation. Natural therapies are scientific methods that teach me Who I am, I can understand my body type & its natural rythems , i have learn our health is result of our Habitual practices that we do unconsiously everyday, once we understand our mindset, characteristics, Our source of energy which nature can created Just For Us, we can live happy healthy life naturaly, Now I am self dependent, confidence, truly connected with my inner self. I always ready to participate enthusiastically in every aspect of my life. Now this experience of my life is My Mission to serve you that you also deserve to get Happiness & Healthy life experiences and can live healthy naturally.

Nope. I’m totally not and I have no medical background. I am a Naturopath who offers Natural healing treatments (therapeutic Massages & Ayurvedic therapies), Yoga therapy, lifestyle and nutritional consultation based on the principles of Natural Therapies.



Founder & CEO at
Vedic Healing Center

I feel honored to share our Client’s Healing stories, experiences, and health discoveries with them. They give me the inspiration to continue researching, developing as a Healing, and practicing preventative health care that actively creates health from within.

My mission is to provide Natural health care system that combines the advance modern science with naturopathic practices and philosophies to treat disease, and restore health.