Healing Card

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Healing Card


01 Registered members of family can avail the benefits.


02 Registered members of family can avail the benefits.


04 Registered members of family can avail the benefits.

Duration: One Year
Price: 40.000.000 VND

Duration: 6 Months
Price: 20.000.000 VND

  • 4 times Health Check Up each member
  • 4 times Diet & Nutrition Plan
  • 4 Life Style Counselling & Plan
  • 50 Herbal Oil Massage / physiot
  • 20 Yoga & Meditation Classes

Can utilize benefits of
54.000.000 VND

  • 2 times Health Check Up each member
  • 2 times Diet & Nutrition Plan
  • 2 Life Style Counselling & Plan
  • 25 Herbal Oil Massage / Potli
  • 10 Yoga & Meditation Classes

Can utilize benefits of
27.000.000 VND


  • This card is Non-Transferrable & Refundable.
  • Extra benefits on friend refferal.
  • Avail 25% Discount on all single day services.



5 Massages

10 Massages

15 Massages

20 Massages

1 1 Massage 2 Massages 3 Massages 4 Massages
2 2 Massages 4 Massages 6 Massages 8 Massages
3 3 Massages 6 Massages 9 Massages 12 Massages
4 4 Massages 8 Massages 12 Massages 16 Massages
5 5 Massages 10 Massages 15 Massages 20 Massages

For Example:

If 1 friend, buy 5 massages, they will get 01 free massage.
If 5 friends, buy 15 massages, they will get 12 free massage.


  • The free rewards will be added at the end of Referee’s current membership.
  • Referral Must buy minimum membership to qualify for these promotions
  • If anyone has prebooked this promotion, payment must be completed first before they can enjoy these promotions.
  • New Referral must not cancel his / her membership within first 60 days, if cancel promotion will be cancelled to referee as well.
  • Once Referral become a New vedic Member, simply he/she has to them fill out form and mention Referee names and Membership card number clearly then Referral also has to fill up form and mention Referee’s card details clearly at the time of buying memebrship card only. Your rewards will be added into next monthly renewaly). After fill up form once new membership card issues no referral form will accepted for same member).


Students & Elders
10% Discount

Students Must be Enrolled for 25 days package for regular health card & must be under Age of 25.

Senior citizens Must be 60 years of age or older.

Students & Elders (Senior Citizen Discount) must have to show Proof of eligibility is required all discounts. Discount are offered in studio only after verify from Head of departments.

Military/Police/Government Officers
10% Discount

Birthday special: 10%

Enjoy free 1 Facail or 1 Body Massage.

Note: Not Applicable on Seasonal Promotions.


  • Promotion is valid until 31 Dec 2020 unless otherwise notified by Vedic Healing.
  • All referral must sign up membership before 31 th Dec 2020 for Refree claim their rewards.
  • Referal must be 1st time customer to vedic Healing or have a gap of minimum 60 days after expiry of previous membership us.
  • All Free Rewards are non refundable & non Transferable.