Ayurvedic facials are customized to suit your skin type. Our beauty specialists will assess your skin and recommend the right treatment just for you. Every facial follows the steps of deeply cleansing the pores before exfoliating and then applying a mask, serums, moisturizer and eye cream according to your skin type.


90 Minutes 800.000 vnd

Vedic Wellness Ageless Facial Anti Aging combines an exotic blend of the rarest regenerative and restorative ingredients to be found in nature. This unique formulation contains potent anti-aging antioxidants, Ayurvedic herbs and highly effective super foods that nourish deeply at the cellular level and promote luminous skin.


90 minutes 800.000 vnd

With our HYPERPIGMENTATION treatment enhanced complexion, lesser dark spots and a much more even skin tone are at your fingertips. Only the best ingredients straight from mother nature and the most advanced laboratories perform their magic together and you will brighten up again.


90 minutes 800.000 vnd

Combining powerful anti-oxidants from green tea, healing neem and moringa together with calendula, sebum controlling lavender, scar fading Himalayan chamomile and toning Himalayan rose water our Acne prevention facial kit is a blessing to sensitive and acne prone skin. Say goodbye to your skin woes!

 Herbal Facial

60/minutes 590.000vnd

The secret of this special facial treatment is the ancient and well-established blend of ayurvedic herbs and oils that brighten up dull skin and remove dead cells. The natural ingredients soothen the skin and simultaneously bring the essential moisture back, you will never want to try anything else!