Classical Massagesare one of the oldest, yet simplest forms of therapy to increase your overall health and well-being.

We combine traditional knowledge with the latest therapeutic techniques and only use high quality organic oils straight from India.

Authentic Aromatherapy

(Stimulate your senses)

Duration 60 minutes (Body Massage) 490.000vnd
Duration 90 minutes (Head to Toe Massage) 690.000vnd
Essential oils are the highly concentrated essences of aromatic plants particularly suited to de-stress and to improve emotional balance.

Lavender – Calming
pepper mint – Refreshing
lemongrass – Soothing & relaxing
eucalyptus – sense opening
cinnamon – warming

Some of the best ways to reduce stress naturally

Hot basalt stones

(Make Your Muscles Happy)

Duration 60 minutes (Body Massage)540,ooovnd
Duration 90 minutes (Head to Toe Massage)740.000vnd
Using heated stones this treatment helps to release overall muscle tension quickly. Ideal for people with stressful, busy lifestyles.

Holistic Massage

(Rest yourself)

Duration 60 minutes (Body Massage)350,ooovnd
Duration 90 minutes (Head to Toe Massage)520.000vnd
Using naturally fragranced oil applied with light to medium pressure , this massage relive your triedness & fatigue immediately .

Foot Reflexology

(Make your walk Confident)

Duration 30 minutes(Feet’s & Ankle’s) 350.000vnd
Designed to pamper the part of our body bearing everydays weight and functioning as your own personal luxury car this massage will speed up your overall energy level

Back Energizer

(Make your spine flexible)

Duration 60 minutes (pressure applied: Medium to High) 350.000vnd
Applying a specifically designed sensational balm with special technique to certain pressure points this massage will boosten up your nervous system and spark the energy in your spine.

Brain Storm

(Head Massage)

Duration 30 minutes  (Medium) 200.000 Vnd
De-stress your life through this Indian traditional and scientifc herbal cooling oil or Dry Head Massage. By stimulating all accupressure points on the head and face this special massage will reduce the effects of tension, stress, headache and much more.