We bring herbs from our home country India and blend them into a beauty-elixir for your body. Our body scrubs & wraps are carefully developed by our in-house physicians to reset your physique and refreshyour senses.

BODY CARE series is based upon balancing the three Ayurvedic life forces or doshas (Vatha, Pitha and Kapha). With the holistic approach of Ayurveda and Naturopathy your body will be purified and immunized, stress and ageing will be reduced and your true beauty will prosper.

Best results are reached when you allow us to tailor a perfectly suited treatment package just for you, combining beauty care and massage to awaken your spirits so that you feel energized like never before!

Emotional Balancing – Destress Therapy

(Body Scrub & Wrap)
Duration 90 minutes 800,000vnd
In the age of emotional and digital upheaval, whose hormones are really in balance? From girls in their teens, young mothers, women experiencing premenstrual syndrome (PMS) or during menopause, these stages leave most women vulnerable resulting in emotional outbursts, hyperactivity and various other related health problems. Thank God there’s AROMATHERAPY with nature offering us a broad variety of essences to encounter hormone related troubles.

Post Natal Rejuvenation

(Body Scrub & Wrap)
Duration 90 minutes 800vnd
The miracle of giving birth to a child is one of mankinds most incredible wonders. However, it also leaves a women’s body with some obstacles to overcome and heal again. Our rejuvenation treatment balances hormones, fights post natal depression and sleep deprivation, strengthens the spine and treats stretch marks with carefully selected natural ingredients.

Muscle Detoxification

(Body Scrub & Wrap)
Duration 90 minutes 800 vnd

A whole body treatment combining anti radiation concoctions and aromatherapy blends soothing cervical pains, sore neck, tired eyes and spinal column as well as enhancing circulation.

Anti Celluite Treatment

Duration 90 mintues 800 vnd

Our anti cellulite massage is a natural, effectiveand pleasurable way to reduce cellulite – or more commonly known as the bulges and dimples on the hips, thighs, stomach and buttocks caused by nutrition, weak tissue as well as environmental influences.