Vedic Healing Centre- The Best yoga centre in Hanoi

Yoga is an ideal way to achieve a great mind and body coordination. We at Vedic Wellness ensure you get proper guidance and techniques that help you to recover your energies and rebuild your body to a better state. We offer the best yoga therapy in Hanoi to our clients.

Vedic yoga (Strength, Stability, Confidence)

At Vedic Wellness have formulated this training program with a vision that targets your well being and maximizes your potential and capabilities. In this program, we help our clients to develop great witnessing qualities, sharpening the focus of the brain, promoting a mind over matter ideology. We make use of several techniques which focus on increasing the body strength and add stability to its structure, such as creative asanas or positions related to the traditional hatha yoga.

Our meditation techniques can improve your brain power and also provide a stillness of mind giving great inner peace. If you are looking for meditation classes in Hanoi, then you have come to the right spot. We use yogic philosophy, yoga therapies and detox that help to clear the sluggishness caused by our lifestyles.

Hatha Yoga daily Yoga Classes

Our hatha yoga training sessions are a great way to achieve connection with the cosmos. You can align your system with the energy of the universe that flows everywhere and be able to receive it in your body through Hatha yoga. Our training programs provide a perfect opportunity for you to transform your lives through practice and working hard to achieve great results. If you have weight issues, then yoga for weight loss is your best option.

Our training sessions are designed to be flexible and suit each person’s level of comfort. Different standards are practised every day to provide stimulation to various body parts.  Our training levels have three subcategories that range from beginner to intermediate to the advanced levels.

The training levels

The beginner levels aim to correct posture and concentration; it blends well with your energy levels. The intermediate level targets your stamina and strength. It includes more variations in poses. The advanced level offers great challenging backbends and arm balancing exercises. Doing these exercises need a considerable amount of caution as it could result in injuries, but we at Vedic Wellness ensure you are ready to undergo this training.

Therapeutic sessions

We provide therapeutic training sessions which focus on practising gentle yoga techniques, which include restorative yoga breathing and poses. This is best suitable for those who want a gentle way to stretch their tight muscles. Our yoga therapy for old people is also beneficial for those who suffer from spinal dysfunction or for those who have sustained injuries in an accident.

About Vedic Wellness

Vedic Wellness is a professional healing centre that aims for unifying the mind body and soul as a single unit through various techniques of body massage, yoga and therapy. We are the best yoga centre in Hanoi and take pride in delivering excellent services to our clients.

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