Personal yoga therapy in Hanoi

Our personalized yoga therapy consultation focuses on your three vital states of being including physical mental and emotional. Any slight imbalance in these three states can impact on your overall health conditions. We concentrate on these issues that are easily ignored by people in their everyday lives. Our motto is to help you avoid these conditions and guide you in gaining the best health state possible. We at Vedic Wellness provide private yoga classes in Hanoi

Personal health consultation and analysis

Our yoga therapy consultation includes several aspects that include the initial health analysis of an individual. The appropriate recommendation of yoga wellness session. We also provide a yoga booklet that contains information about the program in detail. Our experts handle the clients’ complaints and serve as the best personal yoga teacher for them. We thoroughly investigate our clients for their physical conditions and their mental health. We use in-depth knowledge of Ayurvedic herbs and yoga therapy to treat our clients.

We guide our customers with the best wellness program that ideally suits their being and also provide a backup copy for them to follow the guidelines. Our program focuses on the daily changes a person has to make to progress faster to a better state of health. The consultation is necessary for every two weeks as it will show you the progress graph and the improvement you have been making. We can also asses the adjustments required based on your progress, which will ultimately help you in the healing process. Our private yoga classes help you to maximize your personal potential

Multiple benefits of yoga training

Our therapeutic yoga consultants  will explain you in detail about the postures you will practice and the breathing techniques that will help in relaxation. We at Vedic Wellness focus on the lifestyle patterns and correcting them wherever necessary. We also make use of the meditation techniques which help to purify your mind and total being. We also provide philosophical coaching session to uplift your spirits. If you are searching for private yoga classes in Hanoi, then you have come to the right spot.

Vedic Wellness specializes in eliminating the stress from the roots, re-programming the nervous system for better responses to your environment. Restoring the hormonal imbalance is one of our primary focuses. Our yoga therapy program will provide you with good quality sleep and improve your digestive health drastically. We focus on the proper posture of the spine as a bad posture can harm your health in the long run. With our yoga therapy sessions, you can significantly increase your concentration abilities and improve your performance.

About Vedic Wellness

Vedic wellness is a professional healing centre that focuses on uniting the body and the mind and soul as a single entity by various means of healing body massages, yoga therapies, Ayurveda and meditation. We take pride in delivering the best results possible. We have been rated as the best yoga teacher Hanoi by our customers.

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