Great facial massage for you to radiate and shine

Everyone loves good facial massages, considering how beneficial they are for skin. We provide rejuvenating Ayurvedic facials that are suited for your skin types ranging from oily to dry to normal. We understand one facial will not be suitable for some other skin type. We incorporate various kinds of facials that target deep cleansing of your skin by exfoliating the pores. If you have been looking for the best place for facial in Hanoi, then you have come to the right spot.

At Vedic Healing Center, we believe a clean and balanced skin, which is free of impurities, is the key to confidence. Our facials cover the neck, arms, shoulders and facial areas. We also use acupressure points to massage the skin for improving the blood circulation and promoting a healthy radiance — some of the fantastic facials offered at our centre.

Age-defying wonder facial

This session lasts for about 90 minutes. We at Vedic Wellness provide anti-ageing services to our clients using a great blend of restorative ingredients from nature. This formula has powerful anti-oxidants and a mix of rare Ayurvedic herbs. We use the extracts from nature that are proven to work magic as they penetrate deep into the cellular base of your skin, producing beautiful skin from inside. You are welcome to experience anti-ageing facial treatment at Vedic Wellness centre.

Blemish correcting Hyperpigmentation facial

We provide great effective treatments that aim at the root cause of dark spots and deliver even tone all over. We make use of the natural and advanced ingredients clinically tested in laboratories for safety standards. If you had issues with spots on your face, then the hyperpigmentation treatment is ideal for you.

Acne erasing facial

Here at Vedic Wellness, we make use of the potent anti-oxidants derived from natural sources of green tea, moringa and healing neem. We also use the popular chamomile from the Himalayas, and the toning rose petal water to treat the painful acne. Other powerful ingredients we use are calendula and sebum restricting lavenders. Acne troubles everyone once in their life if you have been a victim then try this natural treatment for acne and you won’t be disappointed.

All natural herbal facial

We have a unique facial treatment for those who love nature and wish to experience a completely natural way to brighten their skin. We incorporate a great mix of Ayurvedic herbs along with oils that help to eliminate the dead skin cells and produce a supple skin tone. If you want to experience natural facials, then herbal facial in Hanoi is your best option.

About Vedic Wellness

We are a professional healing centre specializing in the well being of body and mind using body massage, yoga, meditation and other natural techniques. We provide excellent services such as herbal facial treatment to our clients, and their satisfaction is our priority.

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