Amazing body care to rejuvenate your exhausted system

We at Vedic wellness make use of herbs that are imported from India and produce a beauty elixir for the body. We make use of body scrubs and wraps that are designed by our physicians to rejuvenate your senses and refresh your body. If you are looking for best body care in Hanoi, then you have come to the right spot.

At Vedic Wellness, we balance the life forces of the human body, which are better known as vatha Pitha and Kapha. We use traditional methods combining Ayurveda and naturopathy to remove stress from your body and provide better immunization and purification. We tackle issues related to stress that cause faster aging and help in revealing your true inner beauty. We offer customized packages that suit your body ideally and help to energize your spirit. Some of the services provided

Emotional balancing through de-stress therapy

We provide the best de-stress therapy in Hanoi for our clients. We at Vedic Wellness are aware of the emotional issues people face in their everyday lives. Young girls often experience troublesome teenage years, which include few young mothers who go through pre-menstruation issues. These situations can bring out explosive emotional reactions. The hyperactive schedules of our lives do not allow enough time for the proper release of pent up emotions. We at Vedic Wellness Centre can help deal with these issues through aromatherapy which significantly minimizes the hormonal imbalances.

Postnatal recovery

The birth of a child is one of the most beautiful moments’ in a woman’s life. After delivery, complications such as stretch marks and problems related to irregular sleeping patterns and spine weakness are common problems. We at Vedic Wellness use a recovery procedure that treats the out of place hormones and postnatal mood swings. We incorporate the safe to use natural ingredients and deliver effective results.

Muscle relaxation and detoxification

We provide a full body treatment as we use a mix of the anti-radiation techniques with aromatherapy. Our masters are experts in providing great relief for cervical pains and sore neck. We provide herbal beauty treatment and massage the tired eyes to induce relaxation. We also help to correct your posture related problems by pressing your spine and promote proper blood circulation.

Anti-cellulite treatment

At Vedic Wellness Center, we provide the best anti-cellulite treatment, which offers a natural way to minimize cellulite, which is better-known dimples on the thigh area and abdomen. These bulges are also very common near the hips region. This massage effectively clears the excess dimples on your body that are caused by malnutrition, weaker body tissues, and external factors.

About Vedic Wellness

Vedic Wellness is a professional healing center that helps to treat complications related to the body via body massage, yoga, and meditation. We provide the best body scrub services in Hanoi for our clients. We always prioritize client satisfaction and take pride in delivering excellent services.

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