Ayurveda is an ancient form of treatment procedure which is rooted to India and makes use of natural herbs, exercise and meditation to treat the root cause of the condition. It is different from the conventional form of medication and believes in the treatment of a condition by balancing the energies (Vatta , Pitta and Kapha) of human body. Ayurveda is a more holistic approach of treatment, where it does not aim on subduing the problem , but treats the cause in a natural way so that the chances of re occurrences are greatly reduced. Though Ayurvedic treatment and spa treatments sound same but there are major differences as outlined below:

  • Ayurvedic treatment is a science which studies the energy imbalances in a human body and works toward balancing them properly which leads to good health. Spa treatments do not follow a science and can be considered artistic.
  • Ayurveda has proved to be useful in treating serious health conditions. Spa treatment cannot do that, they are meant mostly for relaxation and rejuvenation.
  • Spa treatments are based on application of herbal oil massages, hot shower, pressure points, diet & nutrition only. Ayurveda is a complete form of treatment including exercises and medicines to be taken orally. There is normally a course associated with an Ayurvedic treatment that may span from a few days to a few months or year, which is not the same with spa treatment.

There are many differences between a regular massage and an Ayurvedic one such as the techniques, added oils, use of herbs, etc. A regular massage is considered a type of massage that only involves strokes on the back, shoulders, feet without the use of any herbs, oils or specific level of pressure. This is a type of massage that only focuses on releasing tension in the muscles and increasing circulation for a temporary feeling of tranquility. An ayurvedic massage, however, aims directly to treat a person’s pain, tension, physical and mental stress, as well as balance their body energies. Massage therapists achieve these benefits by placing their focus in specific pressure points, using oils and herbs, applied hot stones, unique strokes, and different techniques in each massage.

At our Ayurvedic Massage Center, our patients are treated through our unique Ayurvedic massages to promote health and wellness. Their health is our top priority which is why we ensure our massage therapists are highly qualified to provide Ayurvedic therapeutic services. A regular massage brings health benefits, but Ayurvedic massages bring so much more! An Ayurvedic massage entirely detoxifies your body in which we treat it as if it were a temple. Your body should be carefully taken care of through purification with the use of our natural herbs and oils.

Don’t settle for a regular massage, come by our Ayurvedic Massage Center and receive a well-done Ayurvedic massage at our Ayurvedic Massage Center. Take with you all health benefits these massages bring to better your life. With our massages, you will enter a state of tranquility to calm all your worries. Spend your day bringing positive vibes to your life to return to your responsibilities with a clear mind. Eliminate your mental fog, decrease your stress, reduce your pain, relieve your anxiety, release your muscle tension, sleep better, and much more through our Ayurvedic massages!

An Ayurvedic massage differs from a regular massage due to its utilization of herbs and oils for further detoxifying benefits that can be provided at our  Ayurvedic Massage Center.

Ayurvedic massage types

Ayurveda is a system of traditional Indian Herbs, which is used as a complementary holistic therapy, designed to work alongside, rather than replace, mainstream medicinal practices.

Ayurveda is strongly influenced by Hinduism and Buddhism and focuses on balance and moderation in the pursuit of longevity in life. Ayurvedic treatments concentrate on the realigning of chakras and qi within the body to promote equilibrium and restore symmetry.

Abhyangam      Udhvartanam      Potli


“During Abhyanga, medicated oil specific to the client’s constitution (Prakriti) or medical condition is chosen and heated to a comfortably warm temperature and used for massage. The massage strokes are long and flowing to keep the body warm for maximum absorption of the medicinal oil. More pressure is used in the downward direction to calm Vata Dosha by encouraging its normal downward flow. Abhyanga also balances the Prana (vital life force) in the body.”

“Abhyanga is an important element in Ayurveda which is used to bring the Doshas back to equilibrium by the pharmalogical action of the herbs used in the preparation of the oils.”

“The aim of Ayurveda is not only to cure disease, but also to maintain good health. Regular Abhyanga is therefore encouraged in both the healthy and those with health concerns. It is an excellent treatment for anyone suffering from muscle ache and stiffness, backache, stress and mental fatigue and is especially good in imbalance of the Vata Dosha.”

“Abhyanga is seen as an easy way of administering medicinal herbs by absorption through the skin. Oils of different potencies are used to balance the Doshas. The qualities inherent in oil – being warm, heavy and oily in nature – are directly opposite to the qualities of Vata Dosha and it therefore has an especially balancing effect on this particular Dosha. However, according to the type of oil used, Abhyanga is also used to balance the other Doshas. Vata is the Dosha that becomes aggravated under mental and physical stress and strain, and by balancing this, Abhyanga gives a feeling of groundedness and a deep sense of relaxation to the client.”


“In Udwarthanam the body is massaged with dry powdered herbs or a herbal paste in the direction opposite to that of hairgrowth. The massage is carried out vigorously to increase circulation and remove toxins trapped in the body tissues.”

“Udwarthanam is aimed at weight loss and excess Kapha Dosha in the body and is helpful in reducing cholesterol levels, improving muscle tone, deeply exfoliating the skin and also giving mobility to the joints.”

“Udwarthanam is recommended for those who want to lose weight and those with an excess of Kapha Dosha. It is also a good treatment to enhance the complexion of your skin.”

“The herbal powders used in Udwarthanam are drying in nature and therefore have a drying effect on Kapha, which is heavy and moist in nature. Performing the strokes in the opposite direction to hairgrowth, i.e. in an upward direction, further breaks down Kapha and adipose tissue in the body, whilst also boosting circulation and the removal of toxins from the body.”


Potli is a treatment in which herbal medicine Bundle dipped and warmed into herble medicated oil, stroked over the body. Medicated oil is chosen according to the constitution or condition of the client.”

“Potli is an excellent treatment for balancing the Doshas, especially Vata Dosha and is particularly useful in Hidden injuries or pains such as muscle fractures. It is also used in neurological conditions such as Inflamation. It removes pain and stiffness in the joints and improves digestion.”

“Potli is most suitable for those with injuries, painful conditions, stiffness etc.”

“The heat of the oil used in Potli causes perspiration, which in Ayurveda is seen as a way to balance Vata and also remove stiffness, pain and toxins from the body.”


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